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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Warthawg New in Town

Warthawg wearily looks around at the different merchants and inhabitants of Trisfal Glades Commons. His chest heaves and thrusts as he is overcome with the sickness of the dead.

" I must find a Shaman! " cries Warthawg, "Cure me of this dread curse you cursed scoundrels". Warthawg's thoughts drift to his family he was forced to leave behind in the world of the living. A world he desperately wants to rejoin.

He spies a merchant selling magical wares,"perhaps he can help my tortured soul" mutters Warthawg to himself as he heads off in the direction of the vile smelling merchant.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Everquest Next

Sony Online Entertaiment is releasing Everquest Next which is the successor to the popular Everquest game, Everquest Online Adventures, and Everquest II. Although it is the successor to the Everquest series this will have no bearing on the game because it will not be a sequel or a prequel to any of the title in the Everquest line. There are plans for it to be Free to Play and Sony Online Entertainment says " they will try to keep it that way as long as they can". Alpha Testing began January 31, 2014. Closed-Beta Testing began March 26, 2014.

Everquest Next will also be available on the Playstation 4 platform.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lego Minifigures Online

Slated to be released just in time for Summer/Fall 2014!!!! This game is being developed in collaboration between Funcom and The LEGO Group. The game is in closed beta currently. The title is mainly engineered for children but the developers have made it appealing to older children and adults as well.